Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

10 am EST - 3:30 pm EST

100% ONLINE & Virtual

Let this one-day transformative conference guide you to the sustainable, profitable blog business you truly desire.

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No Traffic. No Sponsorships. No Revenue.

Fighting to be seen by followers and brands.

Forced to feel successful being paid in 'free product'.

Is this really how you want to run your business?

It's time for you to change your story.

The 6to6 SUMMIT is your first step to achieving more with your blog business than you ever have before. It is:

  • 100% online and virtual
  • 100% focused on the proven tactics that work
  • Designed to grow and develop the thing that matters most to your success - you

No travel, unnecessary conference expenses, or time away from your business and family required. The 6to6 SUMMIT provides exactly the information you need, delivered live and straight to your computer.

Are you ready to grow your blog business into the profitable venture you always knew it could be?

Are these your struggles?

  • My content is great but all the partnerships go to others

  • The money I make is not consistent and not enough to go full-time

  • I'm overwhelmed by algorithms and keeping up with social media

  • I feel guilty blogging and working when I should be with my family

  • This side hustle is costing me money and sucking up my extra time

  • I've been blogging for so long but have little to show for it

If you agreed with even one of those statements,

The 6to6 SUMMIT is for you.



"If you go through this day and you're still not into it, then you should probably walk away, but more than likely, this will just show you what your real 'it' is." 



"You can spend hundreds, maybe thousands, on in-person blogging conferences. This online model saves me time and money and gives me the information I need at a way better price point."



"Even if you’re just getting off the ground, or if you’ve been doing this a while but are struggling with how to scale and grow, you'll get something out of the Summit. You're getting higher level content that everyone can use."

What You'll Learn

There are lots of resources out there to teach you the technical aspects of being a blogger and influencer. But to learn how to run a profitable, sustainable, and evolving business? You need to hear from the experts who will push you out of your comfort zone and change how you think, not just change what you do.

In this conference, we go beyond day-to-day tactics and explain the six essential building blocks to spark real growth, personal transformation, and put you on the path to a 6-figure income.

  • Challenge your beliefs about what you do and what you can earn
  • Identify your ideal customer and define the best way to meet her needs
  • Clear your money blocks and find new ways to grow your income
  • Bring clarity to your communications and your personal brand
  • Set a customized path to success through visioning and financial goal setting
  • Leverage your passionate and engaged community to power all aspects of your business

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The 6to6 SUMMIT is just the beginning. In addition to your conference experience,

you'll receive these ongoing benefits:

Guidance & Mentorship

Enjoy free membership to Team Storyhouse, our mentoring network for creative souls. Think of it as your digital co-working space, with instant access to your peers and accessible 24/7.

With deep learnings from the SUMMIT and the Team Storyhouse community of like-minded creatives to lean-on, you'll find the support you need to drive true action on your business and personal goals.

Time with Experts

Sometimes there's more information to share! While our SUMMIT sessions are deep dives, we bring you continued learning in Team Storyhouse.

Your ticket unlocks access to special post-conference hot seat sessions with speakers and subject matter experts to help you fine tune your plan and revenue goals even more.

Tools & Resources

Get the most out of the SUMMIT by using the tools, print outs and additional resources we provide only to ticket holders.

Put what you've learned into action, track your progress and celebrate your many A-ha! moments.

Partner with Brands

Our Team Storyhouse community is top notch and that's why the best brands come to us to help find talent for their influencer marketing opportunities.

We regularly bring sponsorship and collaboration opportunities to you, no extra hustle required.

Plus, Premier ticket holders receive additional resources valued at $2000+!


  • Access to expert level niche-topic courses in areas such as
  • entrepreneurial finance
  • drop shipping
  • blog and content planning
  • how to create a business plan, and more

  • Access to the full 2019 suite of Storyhouse Co. offerings including our 12-week power up courses and closed door top-tier Mastermind experiences.

Learn From These Experts

Kate Gremillion

CEO, Co-founder,

Mavenly + Co.

Melissa Lifsches


CFO for Hire

Cynthia Zamaria

Branding and PR Maven


Tasha Agruso

Six-Figure Blog Owner

Gemma Bonham-Carter

6-figure Blog Owner

Amanda Shuchat

Managing Director,

The Colony Project

And more to come!

Register now to receive:

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